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BNY Mellon



BNY Mellon is one of the world’s biggest finance organisations. As well as moving a quarter of the world’s money every day, it incorporates some of the world’s smartest investment management ‘boutiques’ – Newton, Pershing and many more. As a distributor, that gave the firm a problem; how to connect the boutique brands with their audiences while creating value and scale in the parent brand, BNY Mellon? Not to mention communicating highly sophisticated investment strategies across multiple channels, languages and markets.


Diamonds, it turns out, are the brand’s best friend. The crystal shapes in the BNY Mellon logo were transformed into swirling clouds of CGI diamonds, each one representing the sparkling brilliance of the boutiques, managers and strategies the firm brings together. Bringing those ideas together is what BNY Mellon does – just like the strikingly beautiful images brought together in our digital-native integrated campaign. As well as being highly visible and strongly branded, this visual language gave BNY Mellon the flexibility to bring together everything from digital and print ads, through DM, video, sales support, events and content across Europe and beyond.





Immediately after launch the campaign started delivering sparkling results – some digital ads recording response rates thousands of percent over benchmark. Clearly articulating BNY Mellon’s value to clients in bringing ‘brilliant ideas together’, in every single execution, rapidly increased the effectiveness of the sales teams, scoring much higher on both awareness and understanding of the brand. Tracking the results of individual product campaigns showed a direct and dramatic effect on net investment inflows. Still going strong across Europe the campaign continues to deliver outstanding results – and some beautiful, memorable images.

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