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Together, we’ve got security covered

City of London Police



Keeping people and businesses safe in London and across the UK is pretty complicated. Security services including the police face an unprecedented range of challenges, from the trivial to the terrifying. Using a variety of communications to support their work in disrupting, deterring and detecting criminal activity is something we’ve been doing for a while alongside our research colleagues and other specialist partners. It involves careful messaging, precise targeting and smart, responsive delivery.


This particular campaign – just one small example of our work in this area – supports City of London Police operations. It integrates overt messaging – posters, digital, ambient – to enhance the effectiveness of other activities around stations and public spaces. The messaging is designed to simultaneously reassure the public and target criminals and others. The use of colour, imagery and ‘Together we’ve got it covered’ tagline associates the work with related campaigns and invites public participation to build a powerful protective presence.



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