An unusual agency, and some extraordinary people

Philippe Crump

Head of Content

Philippe heads the AML Content team drawing on his 15+ years' experience in content, brand and digital marketing, working across finance, technology, aviation, healthcare and more. His downtime is quickly claimed by his family and two energetic boys, and he spends what's left painting, playing guitar and watching rugby. Being half-French, his beloved Six Nations always presents a dilemma: who to support, England or Les Bleus? 

Sarah Nunneley


Sarah came to us straight from university where she graduated with a degree in psychology. Her thesis looked at how the way we think about the future affects our decision making - perfect preparation for her strategic role at AML. Sarah is also chief wrangler to Jellybean, her Toy Cavapoo, who’s just one of our canine staff members. Outside the office she is a devoted aficionado of Musical Theatre and dog walks.

Duncan Walters

Experience Partner

Car and bike enthusiast with the (not so) secret soul of a geek, Duncan brought his love for data to AML. He heads up our Experience team and has nearly 20 years’ experience leading digital and integrated strategies. He helps brands grow by leveraging insights, omni-channel strategy, content, customer experience and technology – impressive, almost as much as his wood fired cooking skills!

Mat Carpenter


In his time before AML, Mat worked in high-end fashion and the publishing world - enhancing images for some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Outside work, Mat’s an F1 obsessive, though as he says, “I’ll watch anything if it’s on a race track”. The high-octane thrills aren’t confined to the trackside however; snowboarding season will find him performing ‘Canadian Bacons’, ‘Cross-rockets’, and ‘Super-Mindys’ wherever the powder is freshest.

David Walton

Business Director

Account man, footballer and drummer, David’s interests are as diverse as the brands he’s worked on. With nearly two decades of agency experience, he’s seen it all in adland. Oh, and he’s also a DIY enthusiast with a tool shed that’s ‘equipped to handle anything’.

Marc Shalet

Account Director

Marc acts as the primary day to day contact for AML’s clients, assiduously representing their needs within the agency - and what gets him out of bed in the morning is delivering fast-paced, integrated campaigns. Give Marc half a chance and he’ll be glued to the tennis or rambling determinedly for miles around the capital. Either that or it’s ‘apron on’ for a spot of cordon bleu.

Dan Anderson

Head of Delivery

A highly experienced, cross-discipline project director, Dan is the man when it comes to making sure AML delivers. He enjoys 10k runs along the Brighton seafront, as well as pilgrimages up and down the country to watch his beloved Brighton and Hove Albion. Dan also likes to cook pig’s head with langostines. It is, he assures us, delicious.

Sheena Shah

Finance Director

Sheena is an ACA qualified accountant with a practice background. After qualifying, she moved into the communication industry and fell in love with it – working with big and small businesses, from the advertising giants to independent companies. Her out-of-work passions include travelling, reading and cooking, and she loves art and crafts. But nothing beats her masterpiece: AML’s spotless accounts!

Ian Henderson


Endlessly fascinated by business, brands and human behaviour, Ian brings extensive experience to his role as creative director, strategist, writer and agency head. His varied interests also include bikes and boats, but they’ve both proven tricky to enjoy inside the agency – so far.

Constandina Patsalou

Marketing Manager

Coni has a background in marketing, and a master’s in Classics. When she’s not got her nose in the Odyssey, she’s making the most of London’s nightlife. Or travelling around the globe, sampling wine in every city - for research, of course.

Merope Beddard

Client Services Director

With over fifteen years’ agency experience, Merope heads up the account handling team at AML. When she’s not busy building brands, nurturing client relationships or listening to Radio 6, you’ll find her sprinting down the streets of Clerkenwell (she’s an active member of AML’s running club).

Dan Wright

Senior Copywriter

When he’s not thinking up award-winning campaign ideas for clients, Dan likes to feel the wind in his hair, and underneath his mountain bike wheels, by hitting trails and jumps in his local woods. An ambulance has been required on more than one occasion.

Lizzie Hutchison

Midweight Copywriter

Lizzie started life as an account handler, so is hard-wired to buy drinks and bring in baked goods in moments of stress. For the past five years however, she’s been a creative copywriter, working on many of the UK’s best-known brands, and perfecting her chocolate brownie recipe in her spare time. (You never know when you might need ‘em.)

Sophie Sheard

Account Manager

Our Account Manager Sophie joined AML with 2 years of agency experience under her belt, including delivering campaigns, events and marketing collateral for Hilton. She sees herself as the 'glue' between clients and creatives – now that's a definition that sticks! Sophie loves cooking (her signature dish: Thai Green Curry), searching out poppin' places for vino, and walking her miniature schnauzer Dodger (yes, she named him after the Dickensian Artful Dodger). 

Max Mace

Account Manager

If there’s rugby, music, and a chance of a cheeky Guinness, it’s got Max’s name on it. He’s an Irishman who is ready to get straight back to those stadiums and gigs. And when he’s not supporting in the stands, you’ll find him reading or hiking. Cheers to that.

Joanna Lippiatt

Senior Account Director

Joanna has worked at a number of London’s leading agencies, many of them focused on the financial and professional services sectors. In her (very little) spare time she plays regular netball in one of the London Leagues and also confesses to a fascination with the world of traditional baking, taking particular delight in decorating celebratory cakes. She is at pains to point out that she never combines her passion for netball with her passion for baking, ‘as that might be messy’.

Hobie Walker

Head of Wellbeing

Experienced counsellor and our second UK Jitterbug Champion, Hobie holds the agency together without even breaking a sweat. She enjoys running, dancing, tennis and watching athletics, as well as sneaking in the odd cinnamon bun from Gail’s bakery.

Matt Kebbell

Video Production

Said not to have smiled since the summer of ’69, Matt is a regular winner of AML’s Mr Happy Award. But as he’d be the first to point out, who needs smiles when your video content is second to none?

Annabelle Meddows-Taylor

Senior Account Manager

Having recently moved to London from Sydney, Annie brings her talent for building big brands to AML. She enjoys travelling, listening to podcasts and is a proper foodie and ‘drinkie’ (Aussie for ‘pub-crawler’?).

Lucy Rogers

Business Director

Lucy has seen it all in client services and prides herself on being truly unflappable – an invaluable trait among AML’s account handlers. Two things she’s sure to lose her cool around though are her twin loves of food and dogs. Throw in a beach and she’s pretty much in heaven.

Christian Barnes

Strategy Director

Christian heads up the AML strategy team and has over 35 years’ experience of working with clients from household automotive and FMCG brands such as P&G, Cadbury and Perrier - to financial, educational, charitable, chartered and legal organisations. Outside work, Christian intends to ski and sail as long as his knees and his bank manager support him - but is more often to be found watching rugby, ballet, film or theatre - or, indeed, the foam atop a hoppy IPA.

Tim Lloyd

Managing Director

Since being tricked into doing a presentation in a nurse’s uniform when he started working at Allison Mitchell back in 1993, Tim has moved from the role of trickee to master trickster. Outside of work (and that outfit) his preferred pastimes revolve around horse riding, flying and driving tractors.

Stephen O'Neill

Art Director

An award-winning, all-round creative type, Stephen once played for St. Mirren and now runs a website dedicated to vernacular typography. He is yet to launch a sister site celebrating his taste for bridies.

Chris Walker

Head of Art

Award-winning Art Director and former UK Jitterbug Champion, Chris pairs a heavyweight creative mind with some seriously fancy footwork. Always has an ear out for live bluegrass too, should you know anywhere good.    

Hugo Bone

Creative Director

When Hugo’s not CDing, he’s wondering why his parents did something as awful as calling him Hugo Bone, riding his bike up a hill, walking the dog he wishes was a cat, watching Nordic noir and promising to learn Danish, shooting videos that move people but that he’s never quite satisfied with, contemplating a new life in Barbados, getting his head around Latin American history, dropping kids off at football or street dance, etc. He is definitely not baking.

Laurence Nash

Senior Back End Developer

Laurence lives in Brighton, which is close to the sea. Has also learnt to love commuting...