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Simple ideas for complicated businesses

Here’s a simple idea. Find an emotional connection between your value proposition, however complicated, and your audiences. Use it to inspire and guide all your communications – ads, social, video, digital, events, content. Let those channels do what they do best, from impact to engagement, encouraging audiences to build their own unique conversation with you. And deliver an immersive, lasting brand experience. 

It’s a simple idea, but it’s quite hard to achieve. Doing it means finding people with the strategic understanding of how your firm really works, in all its complexity. The creative ability to turn that understanding into powerful, emotionally-driven words and pictures. And the capability to deliver integrated communications in any medium, anywhere. It’s what we do at AML. We call it simple ideas for complicated businesses. 

As an independent, fast-growing agency we can give our clients the energy and attention of the whole team. Our new management team, headed by Ian Henderson, Tim Lloyd and Jonathan Hirshler, bring together experience from some of the world’s leading agencies and brands in creativity, business and technology. If you’re wrestling with tangled markets, tough audiences and tricky propositions, we can help.

An independent approach to global campaigns

Our global reach

In the sectors where we work – finance, professional services, even national security – borders are barely relevant any more. Our clients, audiences and digital media channels are part of a global super-culture; so our ideas have to be up there with them. 

In a connected world, organisations are able to operate freely almost anywhere. People who work in knowledge businesses can move from one country to another more readily than ever before. Global audiences get their news, entertainment and information from the same shared sources. 

Cultural, language and political differences happily still exist; and the technology exists to transcreate and transmit  specific messages that work for local audiences. But for multinational communications similarities are rapidly becoming greater than differences, even in the regulation of multinationals. And that means an already enormous opportunity for international organisations to run global campaigns from a central marketing hub. 

For creative agencies too, the game has changed completely. The need for local offices managing local campaigns as part of an international network has largely gone. Multi-channel, integrated campaigns can be created, mastered, localised and delivered digitally – with adaptations that reflect local difference – in any language, any medium and any territory. 


This is not news. AML has been doing it for a long time, working closely with media networks, implementation partners, research agencies and local client offices. But what’s changing is the constantly-improving technology that makes it all possible; we believe it’s now easier for clients to co-ordinate a global campaign through a single hub in London than to work with an old-style network. 

One team, one brief, one set of objectives and metrics. And the benefits to our clients – economic as well as strategy – of one simple idea that aligns and unifies global communications should be immediately apparent. Although as ever, the proof is in the delivery.

In just eight weeks from inception, our global brand platform for Robeco was live in ten languages and twenty-seven countries around the world, far exceeding campaign targets within three months of launch. 

We’re currently running campaigns across Europe for several clients, big and small. And we’re running local campaigns in specific countries all over the world – like Italy, Japan and nationwide across the USA. 

There’s still a place for the large agency networks. But for many clients especially in complicated business areas – finance, professional services, security, technology – we think it’s time for a new, independent approach. To find out more, get in touch.


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An unusual agency, and some extraordinary people

Meet the team

Faye Newbold

Account Executive

Always armed with hand sanitiser, Faye is AML’s resident germaphobe. But when it comes to account handling, she’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty. In her downtime, she enjoys collecting Kinder Egg toys.

Marc Shalet

Senior Account Manager

Annabelle Meddows-Taylor

Senior Account Manager

Having recently moved to London from Sydney, Annie brings her talent for building big brands to AML. She enjoys travelling, listening to podcasts and is a proper foodie and ‘drinkie’ (Aussie for ‘pub-crawler’?).

Mat Carpenter


Rod Veludo

Art Director

Rod is from Brazil. If that isn’t cool enough, he brings his golden creative touch to AML via respected agencies in Belgium and Brazil. Outside of AML Towers, he plays slave to Bobó, his Maltese master. When released from dog-sitting duties, he enjoys pub crawling around Notting Hill.

David Isaacson

With eleven years’ agency and digital experience, David brings his strategic know-how to AML via respected agencies and his global client list. When he’s off the grid, you’ll find him ‘tinkering with electronics’ or bodysurfing at a music festival.

David Walton

Group Account Director

Account man, semi-professional footballer and drummer, David’s interests are as diverse as the brands he’s worked on. With nearly two decades of agency experience, he’s seen it all in adland. Oh, and he’s also a DIY enthusiast with a tool shed that’s ‘equipped to handle anything’.

Merope Beddard

Client Services Director

With over fifteen years’ agency experience, Merope heads up the account handling team at AML. When she’s not busy building brands, nurturing client relationships or listening to Radio 6, you’ll find her sprinting down the streets of Clerkenwell (she’s an active member of AML’s running club).

Dan Anderson

Head of Delivery

A highly experienced, cross-discipline project director, Dan is the man when it comes to making sure AML delivers. He enjoys 10k runs along the Brighton seafront, as well as pilgrimages up and down the country to watch his beloved Brighton and Hove Albion. Dan also likes to cook pig’s head with langostines. It is, he assures us, delicious.

Izzy Chinan

Digital Project Manager

Lucy Rogers

Account Director

Lucy has seen it all in client services and prides herself on being truly unflappable – an invaluable trait among AML’s account handlers. Two things she’s sure to lose her cool around though are her twin loves of food and dogs. Throw in a beach and she’s pretty much in heaven.

Hollie Joyce

Digital Designer

Inspired by colourful and vibrant things, Hollie brings fresh ideas and whizzy design skills to AML’s creative team. Outside of work, she loves travelling to exotic places, cooing over puppies and collecting recipes from Instagram.

Abhinav Ullal


With an armful of awards and a passion for haiku, Abhi joins AML by way of respected agencies in India and Singapore. Outside of writing great ads, he’d love to pen the next Great Indian Novel and even launch his own satirical zine.

Alex Francos

Studio Manager

Alex’s 14 years’ experience, both agency-side and in-house at an investment firm, means she can navigate financial jargon as well as she can her own studio. She’s also a dab hand at freehand writing techniques, an admirer of garden design and collecting leopard print clothing – if that’s a hobby.

Isabel Barker


Time spent as an advertising and teleshopping scriptwriter, a TV/documentary assistant producer and a TEFL teacher in Latin America means that not only is Isabel a versatile communicator but fully fluent in the language of making stuff happen.

Amanda Holmes

Account Director

With six years’ agency experience on both sides of the Atlantic, Amanda can be sure to coax out great creative – even when deadlines are tighter than a New York minute. When she’s not at AML, you’ll find her in an apron; baking her weight in cupcakes and going all Mary Berry.

Caroline Elliott

Strategy Director

With extensive agency experience, Caroline heads up the strategy department where she spends her days distilling ‘the complex’ into ‘the simple’. She also has two small children, just to make sure she has absolutely no free time.

Jack Howell

Account Executive

Channeling his knack for coordinating campaigns, Jack has managed to corral creatives and account handlers into AML’s five-a-side team. When he’s not commanding the football pitch, he’s salivating over plans for his next culinary escapade.

Tim Lloyd

Managing Director

Since being tricked into doing a presentation in a nurse’s uniform when he started working at Allison Mitchell back in 1993, Tim has moved from the role of trickee to master trickster. Outside of work (and that outfit) his preferred past times revolve around horse riding, flying and driving tractors.

Ian Henderson

Executive Creative Director

Endlessly fascinated by business, brands and human behaviour, Ian brings extensive experience to his role as creative director, strategist, writer and agency head. His varied interests also include bikes and boats, but they’ve both proven tricky to enjoy inside the agency – so far.

Richard Germain

Creative Director

Award-winning copywriter, author and film critic, Richard worships simple, powerful ideas. With nearly two decades’ experience in adland, he heads up the creative team in the penthouse of AML towers – where he spends much of his time worshipping.

Chris Walker

Head of Art

Award-winning Art Director and former UK Jitterbug Champion, Chris pairs a heavyweight creative mind with some seriously fancy footwork. Always has an ear out for live bluegrass too, should you know anywhere good.



Matt Kebbell

Video Production

Said not to have smiled since the summer of ’69, Matt is a regular winner of AML’s Mr Happy Award. But as he’d be the first to point out, who needs smiles when your video content is second to none?

Xinna Wang

Financial Officer

Born in Tianjin, China, Xinna originally studied economics. She then went on to further her studies in the UK before joining AML at its incorporation. But her talents extend beyond just figures, she was once given the title of ‘Top 10 Singers’ at university and still enjoys a bit of karaoke today, but only in Chinese.

Laurence Nash

Senior Back End Developer

Laurence lives in Brighton, which is close to the sea. Has also learnt to love commuting…

Hobie Walker

Head of Wellbeing

Experienced counsellor and our second UK Jitterbug Champion, Hobie holds the agency together without even breaking a sweat. She enjoys running, dancing, tennis and watching athletics, as well as sneaking in the odd cinnamon bun from Gail’s bakery.

Stephen O’Neill

Art Director

An award-winning, all-round creative type, Stephen once played for St. Mirren and now runs a website dedicated to vernacular typography. He is yet to launch a sister site celebrating his taste for bridies.

Sonam Tsutsatsang

Front End Developer

Known as ‘Scarface’ at school, Sonam may very well be the Tony Montana of the studio. Always armed with a smile, he’s a watch obsessive who enjoys his world cuisine and, if the rumours are true, also hunts pigeons in Trafalgar Square.



Charlie Lynch


As if being a busy AML strategist wasn’t enough action, Charlie has reached for the clapperboard to produce his own short film. He’s quickly learnt it’s a great way to spend (and waste) both time and money.

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