Big Society Capital

Conveying the true uniqueness of the leading social-impact investors.


Since being set up in 2012, Big Society Capital have helped to make over £1bn capital available to organisations with a social mission. BSC came to us needing to reposition and rebrand themselves in the midst of an ever-changing impact investment environment. Following early unsuccessful attempts from other agencies, we knew a major challenge was ahead. We were met by a confusing array of definitions of BSC’s position from internal stakeholders; a varied and undefined offering; a vastly diverse audience and a plethora of players. There was an evident need for clarity and unity.


We identified that the need was to define BSC in a ‘category of one’. With no one to differentiate against, instead, our challenge was to define. We had to cut across the variables to find the constant. We worked closely with them to create an inspiring new brand positioning and proposition from within. We then manifested our collective work in a new logo, visual identity and website to help engage a diverse range of stakeholders. The strategic and creative work references BSC’s position as central to impact need and investment; a point where different worlds come together, with BSC’s unique capabilities and expertise uniting with others to enable measurable results. Impact runs through all that BSC do and forms the core of a fluid, fresh graphic language.