Stamping out stigma and promoting awareness of free debt advice


One in six adults in the UK, equivalent to seven and half million people, have £20 or less left each month after paying for essentials. One in 12 report that they have no disposable income at all. Even more distressingly, the same poll revealed that one in six are unaware of the existence of debt advice services. That’s why StepChange appointed AML in 2022 to create an all encompassing marketing campaign, to coincide with Debt Awareness Week and promote awareness of the free advice available.


The societal stigma around debt in the UK is an immense hinderance. Very few are willing to talk openly even to those closest to them about their financial struggles. That’s why, working closely with StepChange, AML created an inclusive concept that shows strips of different faces, all brought together in one banner. This was to inspire ubiquitous self-recognition, simultaneously quashing the implicit embarrassment in asking for help and promoting awareness that debt is a widespread problem best tackled together.