T.Rowe Price

Flexing a global brand platform to engage International professional investors


When TRP created a universal brand campaign promoting the firm’s ‘Curiosity’ in the US to appeal to all investors, research confirmed that it would need to flex to engage in their purely professional investor markets like Germany, Italy and the UK. The word and central concept of curiosity carried different meaning in different European markets and the ‘portal’ brand asset devised for the campaign was being used by many peers in EMEA. As TRP’s international professional investor agency, we were tasked to help lend relevance to the brand idea for those whose job is to invest for others. We needed to appeal distinctively to them whilst retaining consistency with the global campaign and adding international creative cut-through in a sea of corporate, investment advertising sameness.


A full strategic rebuild identified the potential for the ‘curiosity’ idea beyond the ‘opportunity’ aspect that appeals to retail investors. Besides being curious, professional investors rigorously analyse, evaluate and manage. In qualifying TRP’s curiosity as ‘rigorous’, we created the ‘Right questions’ campaign. Using the internationally recognised ‘question mark’ symbol – with the ‘portal’ framing the punctuation at a point of interest – the campaign tells owned, TRP stories that evidence the brand principles (collectively, rigorous curiosity) in action. Global campaign consistency is achieved in visual cues (colours, brand assets, fonts). Cut-through is secured in a highly ownable and simple campaign idea.