Amanda Talks – Trump

AML Talks. Think of TED Talks, ideas worth sharing and delivered in 18 minutes. It’s a simple, powerful thing. After a conversation over lunch about people’s interests, AML Talks was born.

Every 5-6 weeks an AMLer speaks on a subject they’re passionate about. It’s a great opportunity to share something that interests them, and for everyone else to learn a few new things. To make it even simpler, talks are timed to 15 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A. That’s 30 minutes out of people’s lunchtime. Not long at all.

We’ve had a talk on how simple language can develop from nothing, so now over to our third AML Talks speaker, Senior Account Manager Amanda Holmes.

It’s no secret that AML has a certain opinion of Donald Trump. And being the only American in the office, I found myself often being asked to provide an explanation into the mindset of the collective 62 million people who voted for him (still not the majority of voters…but I digress). In my talk, I wanted to explore some of the impacts on the election, from the American voting system to the power simple messages played in the campaigns.