Double Trouble

Meet Jack and Dylan:

Up until now, they’ve worked separately, but since having caught each other’s eyes from across the pub, they got some work together and found their way in through the AML doors.

Jack has moved back to London from Barcelona having spent time working at C14 DDB and AFG McCann. And Dylan most recently spent time with experiential agency, GPJ, having freelanced around London at agencies including Ogilvy and McCann Health. Together, their experience covers the likes of fast food and fashion, cars and computers, even pet food and pocket snacks.

Jack splits his free time between getting into shape to try his first triathlon later this year and being mistaken for Prince Harry. Although, at the time of this photo being taken, he is currently in the awkward middle stage of seeing what he looks like if he grows his beard out. Hence, not so Harry.

Dylan is just as much an Artist as he is an Art Director, making a whole range of mixed media work in his free time. Then from mixed media to mixed martial arts, you’ll likely find him on a big blue mat after work, too.

They’re both thrilled to join the team and get stuck into everything that’s thrown at them.