Exclusive award-winning photography seminar at AML

The AML team had the unique opportunity to a listen to award winning photographer Kristina Varaksina whose work features in BBC, VoguePortrait of Humanity award, Lens Culture Critics Choice, the critically acclaimed Portrait of Britain exhibition, & Silver AOP. 

We joined the AML exclusive talk hosted by Peter Bailey and organised by Chris Walker, AML Head of Art, to listen to Kristina share her unique series titled The Essence of Beauty.

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The ongoing series, The Essence of Beauty gives voice to women from different ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and questions the notion of beauty. Each portrait is an observation and a contemplation. An attempt to outwardly express an internal narrative, to amplify the voice of the subject.

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Through the prism of her own experience growing up in Russia, where women were valued more for their beauty than for their internal selves, the project has become an exploration of the psyche of women and the issues of self-perception and self-discovery.

”Varaksina’s focus is to capture human emotion and the psychological impressions of her subjects’ mind – permitting the characters to project their internal reality. Works undertaken are keen to explore a female and child perspective, evoking their thoughts, dreams and hopes.” ~ Aesthetica magazine.

Her photography distils moments with a sense of tranquillity, and she captures her female portraits with a tender intimacy. Employing a measured approach, Kristina’s visual language is strikingly beautiful, one that embodies a graphic harmony of tonal shifts, palette, lighting, composition, and styling.