Fintech firm Exo appoints AML

EXO Investing uses advanced technology to make the highest levels of bespoke investment available to everyone. After a pitch the firm has picked AML Group to run a digital, outdoor and press launch campaign.

CMO Amber Lippiett said AML impressed with “a real understanding of the sector and the wider opportunities that are untapped in the financial services market. We were looking for a partner that could be a real driving force to get the business launched. AML demonstrated a real ability to deliver simple but effective ideas.”

EXO Investing goes live this week following an intensive research and development programme led by CEO Lennart Asshoff. Described as a ‘breakthrough for private investors’ the platform creates unique, bespoke investment portfolios using market-leading tools, which are then managed on a daily basis.

It’s the kind of service previously only available to ultra high net worth investors, but at an affordable cost. A multi-channel launch campaign using digital, outdoor, press and social will follow next month. The firm is backed by Madrid-based AI firm ETS.

AML MD Tim Lloyd said, “This is precisely the kind of innovative, tech-led thinking we like at AML. EXO will simplify and democratise a complicated and exclusive market – and it’s a great chance to do some equally innovative communications.”