Get to know us: Merope Beddard

As a chance to get to know the real nitty gritty team at AML we have asked them to spin the AML Wheel of Questions’ and answer the first 4 questions that come up. Today we have Merope Beddard, AML Client Services Director trying her luck with our wheel.

What’s the one thing a parent taught you that completely changed your life? 

Love. Both my parents taught be what love is: to receive it, to give it, to respect it and to know when it is absent. 

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Crikey. I tend to always want to travel first class on an economy ticket. I like the finer things in life but don’t always have the means to secure them. Cue creative substitutes, negotiation and a fair bit of acceptance. 

What does success mean to you? 

My mantra to my kids is to work hard, be polite and have fun at parties. Success for me is an adult version of these three. 

If you could instantly become an expert is something, what would it be? 

Craft, ie making things. I tend to think rather than do and would like to use my hands more. I’m open to various channels for this: drawing, painting, gardening, restoring furniture. 

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