Investec Asset Management appoints AML

Investec is one of the big names in global asset management. Following a decision in September 2018 to demerge Investec Asset Management from Investec Group, the firm was on the lookout for support in articulating the firm’s brand positioning as an independent entity.


AML Group was picked from several leading brand and marketing firms during a two-week pitch process and is already working on the firm’s brand framework as it becomes a standalone entity. The agency’s expertise in the sector was cited as key to the appointment – as were the recommendations of existing AML Group clients.

Founded in South Africa in 1991, Investec is one of the few world-class investment firms to have grown from emerging market roots into a global asset manager serving an international client base. Investec has ambitious growth plans for the demerged firm, indicative of the firm’s long-term orientation.

Ian Henderson, AML Group CEO, commented: “AML has an independent approach to global brands. We believe that in a networked economy, central direction of strategy and creative thinking with local, tech-enabled delivery gives our clients more control and efficiency as well as better results.”

Investec Asset Management has a genuinely different, diverse and vibrant culture; we are excited and honoured to be given the responsibility of turning that culture into an independently recognised brand. And we’re even more pleased that so many of our clients like us enough to recommend us.”