Puppy love

After two months of breaking hearts up and down St. John St, Jellybean thought it was time she gave you the inside scoop on agency life. Over to AML’s top dog…

Let me start by properly introducing myself. Just in case any of you have yet to have the life-affirming honour of making my acquaintance, my name is Jellybean. I’m a five-month-old (almost 6!) Toy Cavapoo. Here’s my profile pic.  I don’t like to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT.

Recruited by my lovely Mum, Sarah, a member of AML’s strategy team, I started on Monday 16th April. I was greeted by the beaming face of Hobie, AML’s Head of Wellbeing. She gave me the grand tour of AML Towers and, most importantly, introduced me to our Managing Director, Tim, who formally welcomed me aboard and went through my welcome pack.

Left to right: me; with my welcome pack, with Head of Wellbeing Hobie, being officially welcomed aboard by Tim and going through my lovely welcome pack with Tim

Full disclosure, I can’t read. However, I’m reliably informed it contains all the information you could possibly need to not get locked in the office at night.

I have, in my first couple months, met all my new colleagues and some of our lovely clients – if I haven’t had the chance to shake you by the hand yet please just make an appointment and I’ll try to fit you in as soon as possible. Do remember though that the event is likely to be recorded for posterity, so you might want to dress up a bit and brush your hair. I know I make it seem easy but looking effortlessly fabulous every day is not the walk in the park it may appear – though all the beauty sleep does help.

Left to right: snoozing in pink, snoozing on Jack and snoozing on back

While on the subject of sleep – have you ever heard the saying “let sleeping dogs lie?” It’s good advice. There isn’t anything in the welcome pack about it, but then there’s nothing in there about nipping people’s ankles or growling at them when they look like they’re up to no good.

In between my naps I’ve been hard at work doing my part for the team. Wheelin’ and dealin’, hustlin’ and bustlin’, barking when necessary – frankly, getting the job done. The proof is in the pudding my friends, with new business flying in left, right and centre and the launch of some new campaigns that look nearly as good as me. Really! Now, I’m not saying that my joining the agency (as the youngest employee ever, by the way) was directly responsible for our recent successes, but I am also not saying it wasn’t. Either way, it was a team effort. So, well done AMLers.

Clockwise from top left: me; in a very important meeting, with CFO Xinna, with CEO Ian, with account director Amanda and with strategist Charlie

I feel as though it’s only right I should end with an apology – if I’ve ever done a backflip in an attempt to scrabble away from you, I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m working through some stuff. Thinking about it, I’ve been billed as ‘emotional support’ for my hard-working colleagues. But what about me? When I get stressed out by my own tail, who do I talk to?!

Anyway, please don’t let that keep you from coming back to see me – my office is located on the first floor and my door is always open (bring treats).