A smarter future? It takes Foresight.

What does it take to see a smarter future? For a lot of investors, it takes Foresight. In renewable energy, infrastructure and private equity, Foresight Group has become a growing player in a major global industry.

The firm’s first-ever ad campaign, through AML working with media agency Ptarmigan Media, is aimed at getting Foresight’s leadership in infrastructure and private equity investing known more widely. Its young star is Eve Leroy, a girl who sees the future through her VR headset – capturing Foresight’s focus on investing for a smarter future. The lead ads appear on posters, taxis and digital ads, together with press ads and cover wraps on the Financial Times.

As Foresight marketing director Ben Thompson says, “Foresight has been quietly investing in smart, innovative technologies on behalf of its investors for over thirty years, but not many people have heard of us.  That’s about to change.  AML has been hugely supportive in helping us bring our message to a wider audience with simple, effective thinking and a striking campaign.”

Online, the campaign delivers deeper insight into how Foresight is “turning landfill into renewable energy”, “powering industry with up to 100% clean energy”, “funding the roll out of smart meters across the UK”, and “growing the economy through regional investment”. With over £2.6 billion of assets under management, Foresight is focused on investing in the new energy infrastructure needed as economies around the world transition away from the old, centralised, fossil-fuel-based energy grids to smarter, localised, efficient, renewable-energy based networks, and in SMEs across the UK, promoting growth, innovation and productivity that supports UK plc.

And if you’ve ever wondered just how you wrap a London taxi, take a look below: