The return of the Mac

Donate your retired tech to budding creatives to start their careers!

It’s not often that Hugo, our ECD, pauses for even a moment from designing award winning campaigns to take stock of the office. Ironically, when he last did so in February, he concluded that there was a senseless abundance of stock lying around. Specifically, retired office technology. Scarcely unpacked Apple macs were littered in stacks. He was taken aback.

There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands of old macs and PCs in agencies across the country gathering dust or being used as bookends or paperweights. And while they may no longer fit our workplace needs – they have huge value for young people who desperately need tech to fuel their creativity, but can’t access it.”

Therefore, by teaming up with The Switch, a charity in Shoreditch which helps young people meet their potential by providing a link between education and work, Hugo conceived The Mac Giveback. AML could make altruistic use of their defunct devices, and hopefully even convince other agencies to do so as well.

The salient spanner in the works was ensuring data privacy. Restoring to factory settings is a far cry from guaranteeing that any latent data relating to the business of the company is utterly expunged. Fortunately, KOcycle specialise in precisely this field. They adhere to the utmost of data security standards, exclusively using the latest Blancco Data Erasure software. This renders it impossible for anyone to extract any sensitive IP from donated technology, something which KOcycle certify with documentation as standard. Furthermore, Hugo managed to persuade them to donate this rigorous service for free, in philanthropic collaboration with the Mac Giveback initiative. Talk about finding simple solutions in a complicated world.

If you look around and see devices which you’ve made redundant, why not give them a second career for free with someone who really needs them?


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