Time for a Mental Workout

In the last few weeks, there has been much written about how to keep mentally and physically well while we are all in self-isolation. AML Head of Wellbeing Hobie Walker recommends where to look if your need advice during this time.

We are all used to advice on how to keep physically fit – Joe Wicks tells us every morning. But finally, there is now a lot being written about how to keep mentally well too. There is a real recognition that prolonged isolation and uncertainty are major stressors, and there has been a significant rise in anxiety.

There is a lot of good advice around, so much so that it is difficult to know which to read. If I were to pick just one of the many I’ve checked, I’d suggest The Survirus Kit, from Mental Health Aware UK.  It’s is full of practical tips on how to look after our mental health (and physical if you want that too) https://mhauk.org.uk/survirus/

It even has 4 different guided meditations to help you get started on meditation and mindfulness – well-known for helping reduce anxiety.  It also has information about how to develop a positive mindset – which will not only help you through these uncertain times but will be dead handy to have anyway!

What I like about this kit is that it doesn’t just tell you, that you need to do mindfulness, or just stop your negative thinking – it actually gives you practical tips on how to do all these helpful things, from what words to use to help you develop a growth mindset, to making a plan for your intentions.  Just like some physical exercises are hard eg burpees, so are some of the mental exercises this kit suggestions – eg developing self-awareness. It takes effort, attention to detail and most of all regular practice to get mentally fit.

Just as Joe Wicks gives us a physical workout to keep us physically fit, the Survirus kit gives us the mental workout we need to keep mentally well.  Both will make us feel great – and get stronger if we practice regularly.