Vinegar for our chips

Last night AML trio Chris, Silvia and Stephen attended The Drum Chip Shop Awards. Here’s how they wrapped-up a night of fun and vinegar.

Our night started beautifully with a burger and a couple of drinks on the terrace, blessed by the nice weather. When time was up, we entered the Ministry of Sound – which reminded Stephen of this wild and frivolous youth (definitely long gone). After the introduction by Gordon Young, editor-in-chief of The Drum, and some amazing beatboxing by Darren Foreman aka Beardyman, all the winners were revealed.

We were very pleased to get a Vinegar award in the Best Education category for The Short Memory Game. This provocative idea proposed by Rod Veludo and Silvia Cutrera encouraged people to reflect more about past history and current politics. Good ‘condimentation’, as they call it, for the chips already on AML’s shelf!

Then, we saw two more projects shortlisted. Chris Walker’s Planet Scan It, a brilliant idea for an app that lets you know what you can and can’t recycle by reading products’ barcode, got a nomination for Best Digital.

And Stephen Oneill’s entry to promote the Tower of London surely turned some heads (rather than chopping them) and got nominated for the Best Leisure category.

Also, we were very pleased to celebrate Silvia getting another Vinegar and some press coverage for a couple of ideas she developed before joining AML.

All in all, a very exciting night!