Hennion & Walsh

A refreshingly animated approach to engaging US retirement investors


Hennion and Walsh is a growing Investment firm, built to serve retirement savers living in the US. Founder, Bill Walsh started out in bonds, expanding to infrastructure, and extended to include tailored investment solutions. The US is a vast, saturated market for financial services and reaching key audiences can be a challenge. We found that most DRTV targeting the retail investor audience in the US looks the same. Lifestyle imagery, happy couples, wall-to-wall sunshine. This lack of distinctiveness leads to a lack of correct brand attribution. We needed a creative style for DRTV that would stand out and be remembered in a sea of sameness.


We developed an animation style, with a simple, fairly flat visual made up of just three brand colours. It provided a clean and flexible vehicle that allows us to tell a multitude of different stories in a way that’s creatively fresh and able to cut through, easy to produce, and relatively cost-effective. Results have shown it has done just that, with increased call volumes and cost per call reducing, while quality leads continue rolling in.