Launching the tokenised future of asset management


Tokenbridge is a pioneering startup using blockchain to transform the investment industry. How it works is a little complicated – distributed ledger technology (DLT) means the friction and inefficiency of existing operational processes can be massively reduced or even eliminated. It’s called tokenisation, and it simply gives the next generation of fund managers, financial advisors and their clients access to a distribution platform which is far simpler, faster and cheaper than the existing system. Which could be the biggest revolution in asset management for decades.


As a startup pioneering an entirely new approach, our first task was to work with the client to devise a clear and simple expression of their mission. Centred on ‘Advancing the investment world’, our strategy formed the basis for a complete brand identity with all-new assets including film, sales collateral and a user-first website. Fellow Selbey Anderson group agency Burn implemented full CRM capability built in to the site architecture and PR agency Greentarget co-ordinated a media launch to financial and technology audiences in the USA. Tokenbridge has already secured its latest funding round and is already live with its first customers.

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