Vanguard are famous for their low-cost passive investing, and today are seen as a leader in the UK adviser space. Less well known is that Vanguard are also one of the largest active investment managers in the world, with expertise in active management since 1975. Wishing to instil in financial advisors some memorable, piquant proof of their active capabilities, Vanguard arranged their own bespoke Tough Mudder event. What better method could there be of demonstrating Vanguard’s active prowess than running a 10,000 volt, barbed wired, tear gassed 5k? The tall order for AML was to encourage participation in the event amongst the financial advisor community…



Intertwining Vanguard’s dependable business persona with the mucky havoc and ‘activity’ of the Tough Mudder, AML decided to drag the corporate professional through a hedge backwards. In subverting typical images of suited office workers by splattering them with buckets of mud, we braided together into striking visuals the two core fundamentals of the project; Vanguard’s established reliability and another compelling, yet under-acknowledged, facet of their business. This campaign also remained visually loyal to previous iterations of work done for Vanguard, promoting brand recognisability and trust.