The Big Exchange

We've been working with The Big Issue to end financial exclusion with The Big Exchange - where money counts for more.


The Big Issue magazine has been fighting financial exclusion for a quarter of a century. But even today, money still doesn’t work for everyone. Millions of people don’t have access to fair financial products or the support they need. Millions more want to use their savings to help other people and the planet, as well as themselves.


Working with The Big Issue, leading financial firms and technology partner FNZ, we helped to create, build and launch The Big Exchange. Bringing together the world’s first impact investing platform, fairer and more ethical financial products and a support toolkit, it’s where everyone’s money counts for more.

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More and more leading financial firms have joined us to make money count for more. Since launching with digital marketing, social media and press ads we’ve helped to grow both customers and assets, making a real difference to how money works for everyone. The Big Exchange recently won FSF’s top award for Innovation in Investment.