Tourette’s Action

Challenging misconceptions about a condition that’s largely misunderstood.


Tourette Syndrome is an extremely complicated neurological condition. But is also has a complicated communications quirk: everyone is aware of it, but virtually no one understands it. People think it’s about swearing, and not much else – a bit of a joke. In reality, the tics associated with it (as well as myriad other little-known symptoms) are exhausting, embarrassing, and physically and emotionally painful. Our aim was to get this message across, and put an end to damaging misconceptions.


Our campaign – #TourettesHurts – makes the condition much simpler to understand. It packs a powerful punch by quantifying and dramatising the impact it has on those living with it. Our ads feature members of the Tourette’s community in pained expressions, bringing to life their daily experiences and highlighting other issues they face, like a critical lack of medical provision and higher risk of suicide. You’ll see it on posters across the country and on social media, with support from the Tourette’s community, the charity’s partner network, and celebrities including Eddie Marsan, David Morrissey and Matt Lucas.