How to win at the FSF awards

Winning social media ideas from AML – you’re welcome

As two-time winners of FSF Agency of the Year, we thought it time to give someone else a go. So if you’re taking home the gongs, here’s some more handy “we won!” social media copy ideas. You’re welcome. 


But do you only write social media copy?

No, since you ask. We’re an advertising agency that does simple ideas for a complicated world. For clients in finance and much more, from startups to global giants. We’ve won our fair share of FSF awards ourselves, which is why we’re happy to share our experience. Time to give someone else a chance 😜

I like your style. How do I get in touch?

Come and tap us on the shoulder at the FSF dinner – we’re very friendly. Hit us up on social. Or if you’re too busy guarding your award haul, fill in this contact form.

Hope to see you soon!