Spark has its first winner

What happens when D goes to sea?

We recently launched Spark, our quarterly pitches where we reward winners with £500 and time off to bring a creative project to life.

You can read all about what it is and how it works here.

We’ve just had our second session which means it’s time to share the results of our very first winner.

Enter Dylan.

Off the back of his art project, Paintings From Above, Dylan was out to conquer something new. The sea.

Now, Dylan would probably be the first to admit his pitch didn’t cross every T and dot every I. There was no real plan. There was just one big fat question.

“How the hell do you capture the sea in a way that’s never been done before?”

If you’ve been down at Brighton Beach at any point over the last three months, you would likely have seen a ginger man with a camera standing precariously at the end of any groyne he could get on to, trying to get himself into the middle of a wave.

The result, Breaking Points.

A colourful mix of reality and editing to create something that looks like God took an evening class with Jackson Pollock.

These photos went on to be displayed in multiple art exhibitions across London. All because Dylan took the initiative to stand up in front of his colleagues and commit to turning an idea into reality.

What did Dylan have to say about it?

“I think it was a success because of two reasons. Firstly, I’m happy with the outcome. Secondly, I’ve been trying to figure out my voice in my art for a while and slowly I can feel that I’m getting closer. This piece felt like a milestone was reached as it made me realise that I enjoy the themes of chaos and unpredictability”.

There’ll be plenty more projects, you’d never see coming, coming.

Watch this space.