What’s with all the perfect hands?

We’ve got another winner to tell you about.

Well, we say winner. Jack actually didn’t win at all. Dylan won and created Breaking Points but he graciously decided to share the prize pot with Jack. 

Jack came to the table with an observation. 

Advertising has become very good at representation. Posters and TVs are full of every race, every gender, every shape, size, religion.  

It’s an incredibly diverse spectrum out there. 

But there is one area of the modelling world that just doesn’t seem to have caught up. 

Hand modelling. 

Every hand in an ad is perfect. Manicured to perfection. No cuts or grazes. No freckles. No fat fingers, or bony knuckles. No stubby little nails. 

Why should representation end at the wrists he asked? 

If people can feel self-conscious about their face, their waistline, their bum, or their legs, why do we think people wouldn’t feel self-conscious about their hands? 

So, he has launched The Real Hand Agency. 

A modelling agency built to break beauty standards in hands.             

One photoshoot with a questionable selection of props later, the result is the very first batch of models out there for the world of advertising to get their hands on (no pun intended). 

If you’re reading this and you suddenly realise your ads need to feature some real hands, visit the website for yourself here.